Manufacturing Capabilities

At CIL Precision, our manufacturing capabilities include: Metal-finishing, forming, MIG/TIG welding, pem insertion, painting, assembly


CIL Precision
  • Amada EMK 3610 K58 Station Turret with P and F function and 8 Station Tapping Unit with Amada MP 250 Sheet Load/Unload System.
  • Amada Vipros Queen 30-50-80 45 station turret , 4auto-index and programmable hydraulic ram, fitted with an Amada MP 250 Sheet Load/Unload System.
  • 1 off Amada Alpha LC1212 2KW Laser with Optical Vision System.


Amada HFP 100-3, 7 Axis 100 Tonne 3 Metre, Down Stroke CNC Press Brake with Full Graphical Component Representation and AP100 Bend Cam Off Line Programming Software.

  • Amada Promecam HFE 100-3, 100 tonne 3 metre Down Stroke CNC Press Brake Wi Amada Promecam APX 103, 100 tonne 3 metre Up Stroke , 7 Axis, CNC Press Brake.
  • 2 off Amada HFE-8025 80 Ton 2.5 Metre 7 Axis press brake with digi-pro.
  • Amada Promecam APX 103, 100 tonne 3 metre Up Stroke , 7 Axis, CNC Press Brake.

Hardware Insertion

CIL Precision
  • 1 Haeger 824-WT-IH 8 Ton capacity
  • 1 PEM Series 2000 7 ton capacity.
  • 4 Haeger 6 ton capacity


CIL Precision welders are qualified and equipped to weld all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, sited in the 8 dedicated welding bays with MIG & TIG facilities.

  • One fully automated robot MIG and TIG welding cell .


Design Services at CIL Precision

This automated paint plant is an essential part of CILs complete manufacturing solution giving a wide range of finishes for both high and low volume production batches. The finishes offered consist of Powder Painting, Nylon Finishes and conventional wet paint spraying with a wide range of water based and two pack polyurethane paints. All finishes supplied are WEEE and RoHS compliant. The plant consists of a five stage iron Phosphate pre-treatment line. Paint application is completed in two fully enclosed back to back wet back spray booths. The main curing oven is a conventional warm air gas fired re-cycling oven with inlet and outlet air curtain vestibules. Product is processed through the plant on an overhead motorised conveyor system with full speed control adjusting for forward and reverse settings. Paint application equipment consists of two manual ITW Gema Optistar CGo7 powder guns and an extensive range of DeVilbiss wet spray equipment. All systems within the paint plant are controlled within an ISO 9001:2008 Quality System


  • 2.5 metres / minute track speed
  • 6 x ITW Gema Manual Powder Coating Guns
  • 1 x ITW Gema Fast Colour Change Powder Centres
  • 2 x Powder Reclamation Facilities

Value added services

CIL Precision adds value not just through the timely delivery of sheet metal solutions but also through the provision of additional services. With our certified engineers, we can help you cut cycle times and reduce costs and we will always provide you with a dedicated Program Manager as a single point contact to liaise with you and your team.

Other Value Added Services include

  • Cable assembly
  • Complete product assemblies of sub racks and enclosures
  • Function and Systems test capability
  • BOM management
  • Logistics solutions